5 best bathroom tapware that you need to know

5 best bathroom tapware that you need to know

I need to lay a foundation for this write-up. Please permit me to hit the nail on the head. “Not all tapware is suitable for bathroom.” As a contractor, you don’t just enter a store to pick a tap and assume that you’ve taken the right step. You can choose the wrong tapware for your bathroom. I need to say this because I know you might be thinking that there’s nothing much to write on this topic.

Honestly, I have seen people spending money on renovation every year. They dictated what they wanted to their contractor or plumber. So, the tapware their plumber picked for them does not fit to be in a bathroom. Thus, they spend more money on renovation every year. 

This article is a special message for homeowners to have an idea about bathroom tapware. Plumbers will also learn that not all taps can fit in the bathroom. So, as a plumber, you’ll have background knowledge on the tap to suggest to your client. This article will help homeowners know the faucet that’ll last long in their brass tapware. 

Can you imagine someone using a Monobloc mixer tapware in a bathroom? Of course, we all know that a Monobloc mixer tap was purposely created for the kitchen. However, I implore you to please shun all distractions right now and follow me closely. But before I proceed, permit me to explain the meaning of tapware. 

What is tapware?

Tapware is an essential tool that controls and dispenses water. There’s no building construction without a tap. A tap is a device that manages and controls the flow of water to the basin in the kitchen, bathroom and every other place needed. This unique tool is a plumbing fixture that offers a flow of water. On the other hand, tapware is a plumbing fixture that sprays water over you in the bathroom. The device you control to spring water in either your bathroom or your kitchen is tapware. Hopefully, you can now testify to the statement above that there’s no building construction without this unique tool. If you want an easy water flow in your home and office, you must use this device. Of course, there are different types of tapware. So, it depends on the one you want to use for your project.

With that said, bathroom tapware is purposely created for the bathroom. Of course, some taps are also made for the kitchen. Hence, I will pick out the best five-bathroom faucets in this article. Remember, there are several taps. Visit http://newnwindianalistings.com/4-simplest-tapware-you-need-to-know/ to read about the 4 Simplest tapware you need to know.

  1. Mixer tap: If you want your bathroom design to last long, you must include a mixer tap in your plans. These unique taps are increasingly popular. These days, plumbers cannot stop recommending this tap to their clients. Of course, I am talking about a competent plumber that has been in this game for years. Generally, these taps are mounted on a basin. 

They are fixed on a bay with a hole and take a feed from both hot and cold taps. So, the water is mixed in a valve, and it then flows from the spout. Please note that the valve is usually a ceramic disc valve. That makes the water temperature to be controllable. The mixer tap will make sense in your bathroom. Therefore, if you want a long-lasting tap in your bathroom, you need to know more about the mixer tap.

  1. Pillar taps: In Ireland today, the Pillar tap is one of the most used taps in bathrooms. These unique taps are also fixed on basins. But the difference here is that it is set with two mounting holes. The first hole is for the hot feed, while the second hole is for the cold feed. So, with Pillar taps in your bathroom, you’ll have one spout that dispenses cold water, and the other tap will dispense hot water. Do you need that in the kitchen? No! Therefore, you can only use Pillar taps in the bathroom. However, I have seen it in some people’s kitchens. It’s fine!
  1. Deck mounted bath filler tap: Just as the name implies, you don’t need any other information before knowing that this tap is for the bathroom. They are usually fixed on a bath with pre-drilled holes for hot and cold feeds. You can mix your water to the temperature you want before it comes out of the spout with these taps. One fantastic thing about Deck mounted bath filler tap is that they have high flow rates. So, with Deck mounted bath filler tap, you don’t need to spend more time in the bathroom waiting for water to bath. 
  2. Bath shower mixer taps: This unique tap has almost the same features as Deck mounted bath filler tap. The difference is that the Bath shower mixer tap has an extra hose. Not only that, but these unique taps also have a head attached to them. So, this makes it to be useful for showering. Honestly, you will never regret installing this special tap in your bathroom. Bath Shower mixer taps will achieve two functions: both filling and showering. So, you can use a diverter on the spout to switch the water from the spout to the hose. Trust me; you’ll love it.
  3. Wall-mounted taps: If you want to make your bathroom a comfortable place, you need to try wall-mounted taps. As the name implies, these unique taps are fixed on the wall above a basin. Wall-mounted faucets usually have a single handle and a spout. However, the spout is always with a cover plate. One thing about these taps is that they are challenging to maintain because everything is on the wall. But once you have a competent plumber, I can assure you that you’re good to go. Countless people are enjoying this unique tap. Click here to read about Reconsidering the Kitchen Faucet.

On a final note

Dear reader, with the above-listed tips, I believe you now understand taps that can be used in the bathroom. Why can’t you share the link to this page with friends and family? They can also learn one or two things from it. Finally, if you have a question regarding this topic, please drop it in the comment box.